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Sawtooth wave jig Product display/Product display

Sawtooth wave jig

Sawtooth wave jig

The Sawtooth wave wave jig is one of the main equipment for gravity beneficiation. Because of its large working capacity, wide coverage of sorting particle size distribution, high utilization rate and excellent effect, the Sawtooth wave wave jig is widely used in the mining and gold mining ships of nonferrous plate metallurgical industry mines for sorting placer gold, tin, tungsten, lead, zinc, antimony, manganese, diamond, copper and other nonferrous plates. The JT4-2 and JT1.5-2 zigzag wave large particle jigs in this category can provide ore with a larger particle size distribution of 30MM, and ore is discharged on the screen and below the screen. The Sawtooth wave wave jig is used in the concentrator of Baryte powder ore, manganese ore, copper ore and other iron ores, which has the advantages of wide distribution range of ore feeding particle size and significantly reduced flow of make-up water under the screen. 锯齿波跳汰机(图1)

Traditional jigs are mostly driven by the axial force on the circle, and their jigging pulsation beverage curves are mostly sinusoidal. Because the increase and decrease of water flow speed caused by the diaphragm fitness exercise are basically consistent with the effective time, it is unfavorable for the loose jigging material layer and the ore particles to be graded in proportion, which further endangers the separation ratio and utilization rate of Sawtooth wave wave jigs. 锯齿波跳汰机(图2)

The Sawtooth wave wave jig is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving reselection machine equipment that is basically developed and improved on the basis of the traditional jig according to the hierarchical regularity of the basic theory of jigging material layer. Its jigging pulse beverage curve is zigzag, making the rising water flow faster than the falling water flow: the gain value is short, and the Fall time is long; It gets rid of the same shortcomings of the sine wave and pulsating beverage curve caused by the jig, such as the rise, reduction of running water and efficiency time, improves the porosity of the material layer, reduces the suction efficiency, enables the heavy mineral particles in minerals to obtain sufficient foundation settlement, and further improves the sorting ratio and utilization rate of the Sawtooth wave wave jig equipment. Compared with the sine wave jig, it increases by 3.01% for Sn, 5.5% for W5.5%, 1.63% for Pb, and 2.04% for Zn; The water consumption is reduced by 30% -40%, the floor area is reduced by 1/3, and the four stroke is adjustable because an electromagnetic induction regulating motor is used for dragging, making the stroke speed infinitely adjustable. The characteristics of the Sawtooth wave wave jig have reached the excellent level in China, and it is one of the ideal environmental protection and energy saving reselection machines and equipment at this stage. 锯齿波跳汰机(图3)

Advantages and characteristics of Sawtooth wave wave jig

1. Large working capacity and wide coverage of sorting granularity distribution;

2. High aggregation ratio and high utilization rate;

3. Easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain;

4. The zigzag wave jig pulsating beverage curve makes it easier for heavy mineral substances to move downwards;

5 saves 30-40% water compared to traditional jigs;

6. Choose an electromagnetic adjustable speed motor;

7 Sawtooth wave jig is suitable for separating placer gold, tin, titanium, hematite, copper, coal and other minerals, especially in the manganese ore, barite powder concentrator industry. 锯齿波跳汰机(图4)锯齿波跳汰机(图5)

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