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Water jacket centrifugal concentrator Product display/Product display

Water jacket centrifugal concentrator

Water jacket centrifugal concentrator

The use of water jacket centrifugal concentrators in China has a history of several decades. In addition to being used to separate tin and tungsten ore slimes, they have also expanded to solve the problem of poor iron ore. The specifications and models of the water jacket centrifugal dehydrator are based onφ 800mm× 600mm expansion toφ 1600mm× 900mm, and we have designed and manufactured larger and medium-sized centrifugal dewatering machines with continuous ore discharge.

Water jacket centrifugal concentrator is also known as water jacket centrifugal flow channel. There are many types of centrifugal dehydrators, but their construction is basically the same. When the centrifugal dehydrator runs at a high speed, it creates a very large Centripetal force. The whole process of re concentration is strengthened, so that fine ore particles can be purchased more reasonably. Its occurrence has successfully solved the problem of sufficient purchase of fine sand. Therefore, it is commonly used to purchase tungsten, tin, iron and other mineral mud. 水套式离心选矿机(图1)

The key advantages of the water jacket centrifugal concentrator are to solve the problems of large working capacity, low limit of particle size distribution, stable work, and beneficial to actual operation; But its aggregation ratio is not too high. Our company has developed a fully automatic ore discharge system for water jacket centrifugal concentrators due to the complex and labor-intensive practical operation of shutting down and discharging old model and specification products, which can complete the actual operation of automation technology. The new water jacket centrifugal concentrator no longer requires manual cleaning of titanium concentrate during shutdown and unloading. It is only necessary to carefully observe the feeding situation of the machine equipment and press the operation and termination buttons of the automatic control system. With one button, all work can be completed. Because the entire process is enclosed, it is not allowed for human factors to touch the titanium concentrate discharged from the centrifugal dewatering machine, preventing the loss of titanium concentrate caused by human factors. In addition, because of the effect of Centripetal force, machinery and equipment will cause great vibration. The flexible connection is selected for the shock absorption part of our products, which can reasonably reduce the negative impact of machinery and equipment vibration, improve the precision of the concentrator and at the same time improve the service life of machinery and equipment. 水套式离心选矿机(图2)水套式离心选矿机(图3)水套式离心选矿机(图4)

Water jacket centrifugal concentrator(图5)

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