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Beneficiation machine

Centrifugal concentrator is the latest type of gravity beneficiation equipment, and the principle of Nielsen concentrator equipment is to use centrifugal force to expand the gravity of mineral particles to separate heavy and light particles. The key component is a conical enrichment cone, which is driven by an electric motor to rotate at high speed and surrounded by pressurized backwash water. The materials entering the centrifuge for separation are usually the minerals ground by the ball mill or the overflow slurry of the Hydrocyclone. The slurry is injected from the upper end of the enrichment cone to the bottom of the enrichment cone. There are rows of grooves formed by ribs inside the enrichment cone. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the enrichment cone will throw the minerals to the groove, Only heavy mineral particles can overcome the resistance of backwash water and remain in the groove to form concentrate. Light minerals, due to the small centrifugal force they are subjected to, are difficult to overcome the effect of backwash water. They are washed out of the groove by backwash water and overflow from the upper end of the enrichment cone under the continuous injection of water, becoming tailings. The 选矿机(图1) Nielsen concentrator equipment has a significant effect on individual gold of different particle size ranges, especially on the individual gold lost during the beneficiation operation of other gravity separation equipment (such as gold slide blankets and jigs). The Nielsen concentrator equipment can not only be used for placer gold, but also for recovering natural gold from rock and ore, replacing the mixed mercury extraction method, and can also be used for recovering gold from tailings. Through mineral processing experiments and measurements, it has been proven that the sand gold recovery rate of the sand gold concentrator manufacturer's equipment is over 99%, and the selection rate reaches 1000 times. Especially when recovering natural gold from vein gold deposits, when the grinding particle size is less than 0.074mm, the recovery rate of single gold can reach over 98%, and for single gold with a size of 0.04mm, the recovery rate can reach over 97%. Our company has developed a centrifuge automatic ore discharge system to address the drawbacks of cumbersome and labor-intensive shutdown and ore discharge operations for old model products, which can achieve automated operation. The Nielsen concentrator equipment no longer requires manual cleaning of the concentrate during shutdown and unloading. It only needs to press the start and stop buttons of the automatic control equipment by observing the discharge status of the equipment. One button can achieve full operation. Due to the closed operation throughout the entire process, it is not possible for humans to come into contact with the concentrate discharged from the centrifuge, thus avoiding human loss of concentrate. In addition, due to the centrifugal force, the equipment of the sand gold concentrator manufacturer will generate significant vibration. Our company's products use soft connections in the damping part, which can effectively reduce the adverse effects of equipment vibration, improve beneficiation accuracy, and increase the service life of the equipment. The equipment advantages and characteristics of the 选矿机(图2) sand gold concentrator manufacturer are: 1. High enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, 2. Automatic discharge of concentrate, 3. Stable and reliable beneficiation process of Nielsen concentrator equipment, 4. No chemical agents added, environmentally friendly. 5. Low water consumption, low power consumption. 6. Low production cost, good wear resistance of vulnerable parts, simple maintenance, compact design, and small footprint, Easy to integrate into existing beneficiation plant processes


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