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Centrifugal Gold Concentrator

Centrifugal Gold Concentrator

Centrifugal Gold Concentrator is a new kind of gravity concentrator at present. The basic principle of the automatic ore discharge gravity Centrifugal Gold Concentrator is to use Centripetal force to expand the force of mineral particles to separate heavy particles and light particles. The important component of a Centrifugal Gold Concentrator is a conical aggregation cone, which is driven by an electric motor to operate at high speed and surrounded by pressurized recoil water. The chemical substances fed into the centrifugal dehydrator for screening are generally the minerals milled by the cement ball mill or the overflow coal slurry of the Hydrocyclone. The coal slurry is introduced from the top of the aggregation cone to the bottom of the aggregation cone. There are rows of concave grooves generated by rib like substances inside the aggregation cone. The Centripetal force caused by the rotation of the aggregation cone will throw the minerals to the concave groove, but because of the purpose of the counter impact water gushing outward in the concave groove, Only heavy mineral particles overcome the friction resistance of the recoil water and stay in the concave groove all the time to produce titanium concentrate. Because of the small Centripetal force suffered by light minerals, it is difficult to overcome the use of the recoil water, so the recoil water breaks through the concave groove and under the promotion of the continuously introduced water, the light minerals overflow out from above the aggregation cone to become tailings pond. 离心式选矿机(图1)

This gravity Centrifugal Gold Concentrator has been patented and invented in China. The gravity Centrifugal Gold Concentrator machine and equipment have obvious practical effects on individual gold with different particle size distribution, especially for individual gold flowing out during the actual operation of other re concentration machines and equipment (such as gold chute and jig) in the concentrator. This gravity Centrifugal Gold Concentrator machine equipment can not only be used for placer gold ore, but also for acquiring natural gold from rock and ore, replacing the mixed mercury extraction method, and can also be used to recover gold from tailings ponds. According to experimental measurements conducted by the ore selection plant, the utilization rate of placer gold is above 99%, and the optimal ratio is 1000 times. Especially when purchasing the natural gold in the vein gold ore, when the grinding particle size distribution is lower than 0.074mm, the utilization rate of single gold can reach above 98%, and for 0.04mm, the utilization rate of single gold can reach above 97%. 离心式选矿机(图2)

Our company has developed a fully automatic Centrifugal Gold Concentrator for the complex and labor-intensive operation of shutting down and discharging old model and specification products, which can complete the practical operation of automation technology. The new fully automatic Centrifugal Gold Concentrator equipment no longer requires manual cleaning of titanium concentrate during shutdown and unloading. It is only necessary to carefully observe the feeding situation of the machine equipment and press the operation and termination buttons of the automatic control system machine equipment. With one button, all work can be completed. Because the entire process is enclosed, it is not allowed for human factors to touch the titanium concentrate discharged from the centrifugal dewatering machine, preventing the loss of titanium concentrate caused by human factors. In addition, due to the effect of Centripetal force, the fully automatic Centrifugal Gold Concentrator equipment will cause great vibration. The flexible connection is selected for the shock absorption part of our products, which can reasonably reduce the negative impact of machine equipment vibration, improve the precision of the concentrator and at the same time improve the service life of the equipment. 离心式选矿机(图3)

Advantages and characteristics of fully automatic Centrifugal Gold Concentrator equipment

1、 High aggregation ratio, high utilization rate

2、 Fully automatic discharge of titanium concentrate

3、 The entire process of the beneficiation plant is stable and reliable

4、 Excluding all organic chemical drugs, it is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly

5、 Low tap water and low electricity consumption

6、 The fully automatic Centrifugal Gold Concentrator equipment has low product cost, good wear resistance of spare parts, and easy maintenance

7、 The design scheme is compact and covers a small area, making it easy to integrate into the current processing technology of mining plants

离心式选矿机(图4)离心式选矿机(图5)Centrifugal Gold Concentrator(图6)

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