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Cylindrical ore washing machine Product display/Product display

Cylindrical ore washing machine

Cylindrical ore washing machine

Cylindrical ore washing equipment is commonly used for various difficult to wash block iron ores. Large cylindrical ore washing machines are divided into two types: drum type and drum plus screening strip type. The large cylindrical ore washing machine can divide the washed raw materials into+40mm and -40mm secondary commodities, and the -40mm internal double spiral structure trough type sand washing machine can further clean the raw materials into+2mm and -2mm secondary commodities. The ore washing efficiency can reach up to 98%, which is the most effective method for difficult to wash iron ore. The large cylindrical ore washing machine consists of. The cylinder section is composed of a pulping section and a screening section, and the cylinder body is made of wear-resistant rubber as a jaw. The basic principle of the 圆筒洗矿机(图1) large cylindrical ore washing machine equipment: the cleaning cylinder section is supported by four towing wheels, the electric motor drives the reducer, and the size transmission gear drives the cleaning cylinder section to rotate at low speed. Iron ore with mud and lime powder is fed from the feeding port and enters the rotating drum. It is cleaned by installing a wear-resistant rubber lining plate with a certain angle of view inside the drum, which continuously drives the throwing down. The entire process is moved several times from the feeding end to the feeding end, and is washed and rinsed in both directions or reverse directions. The clean iron ore is lifted by a large Cylindrical ore washing machine and unloaded into two layers of conical screens, which are divided into coarse, medium, and coarse The three fine particle size distributions are discharged respectively. Sewage with sludge is discharged according to the perforated partition at the feeding or feeding end.

Advantages and characteristics of a large cylindrical ore washing machine at 圆筒洗矿机(图2)

1. The cylindrical stone washing machine has a large processing capacity and strong ore washing ability;

The 2 long shaped ore washing cylinder ensures a long residence time for the material inside, fully and effectively dispersing the material;

The cylinder of the 3-cylinder stone washing machine adopts thickened steel plates;

4. Heavy bearings, gears, and supporting wheels for cylinder washing machines;

5 high-power motors and gear systems generate efficient torque;

6. Flush the inner wall of the cylinder with high-pressure flushing water;

The maximum feed particle size can reach 230mm. The website of the 圆筒洗矿机(图3) cylinder washing machine provides information on the manufacturers of large cylinder washing machines | cylinder washing machines. To learn more about the quotations of cylinder washing machines and cylinder washing machine manufacturers, as well as the principles of large cylinder washing machines and other product information, please consult Jinqiang Mining Equipment. The manufacturers sell directly and the prices are affordable. Welcome to purchase. 圆筒洗矿机(图4)

圆筒洗矿机(图5)圆筒洗矿机(图6)Cylindrical ore washing machine(图7)

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