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Rotary Scrubber

Rotary Scrubber

The Rotary Scrubber, also known as the drum stone washing machine, is used for manual desliming of sand and stones below 80mm. It has the advantages of large feed particle size distribution, powder content of cleaned stone less than 0.5%, and moisture content less than 2%. The equipment of Jiangxi Shicheng Rotary Scrubber manufacturer is no different from other washing machines except for its different structure. The equipment and products of Jiangxi Rotary Scrubber manufacturers have a very high level of sand and stone cleaning. In many stone production lines, the equipment of Shicheng Rotary Scrubber manufacturers has also been widely used. The equipment is mainly used for desilting and selection of sand and stone in construction sites, stone yards, cement plants, and hydropower projects, as well as for iron ore selection. Jiangxi Shicheng cylindrical washing machine has the advantages of large production capacity, low operating noise, and more convenient maintenance compared to spiral washing machines. 滚筒洗矿机(图1)

Principle of drum washer: raw materials fall vertically from the upper end of the equipment into the high-speed centrifugal impeller. Under the effect of fast Centripetal force, they collide and break quickly with another part of the raw materials flowing around the centrifugal impeller in an umbrella shape. After the collision between raw materials, they will collide and rub with each other for several times in the middle of the centrifugal impeller and the housing, and then they will be discharged directly from the bottom, The cable digital TV cycle system is generated for several times, and the particle size distribution of finished products is regulated by the screening equipment. Equipment characteristics of Jiangxi Shicheng Rotary Scrubber manufacturer: 

  1. Large output, the sand washing output of Jiangxi Rotary Scrubber manufacturer's equipment has been greatly improved.

  2. The higher energy utilization rate reduces the energy consumption damage caused by the wheel bucket during the entire process of improvement, making the kinetic energy more powerful and reasonably utilized.

  3. Reduced the damage to some components, the sand washing machine does not need to lift the stainless steel screen, thus reducing the wear and tear of the stainless steel screen and increasing the service life of the equipment of the Shicheng Rotary Scrubber manufacturer.

  4. The actual cleaning effect is stronger. Compared with the single bucket wheel, the spiral sand washing machine takes a large amount of time and frequency for sand material to undergo rotary cleaning, resulting in a stronger cleaning effect. 滚筒洗矿机(图2)


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