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Inclined plate thickener Product display/Product display

Inclined plate thickener

Inclined plate thickener

1、 Overview of mining inclined plate thickener equipment

The mining inclined plate thickener (classifier) is an efficient sedimentation concentration (classification) equipment developed by our factory based on the summary of the working principles, characteristics, and shallow sedimentation theory of traditional peripheral (center) transmission thickeners. The mining inclined plate thickener equipment has small volume, less land occupation, no power, less investment, low operating cost, and high sedimentation concentration efficiency. The mining inclined plate thickener is suitable for sewage treatment in industries such as metal and non-metal beneficiation plants, building materials, and chemical industry; In recent years, mining inclined plate thickeners have been widely promoted and used in rare and precious metal beneficiation plants such as tungsten and tin. 斜板浓密机(图1) II. The working principle of the mine inclined plate thickener is to enter the settling concentration area from the feeding area to the slurry or other liquid to be treated, forming a relatively Dynamic equilibrium suspension process in this area. The particles with large particle size in the slurry, due to their large final settling speed, overcome the pulsating force of water flow, filter through the suspension filter layer in the settling concentration area, and quickly settle into the bottom discharge port for discharge, Smaller particles that fail to overcome the flow pulsation force and precipitate enter the inclined tube area with the rising water flow. The inclined tube area is filled with hexagonal thin-walled porous inclined tubes at a certain angle. The water flow is divided into many sedimentation units, and the finer particles entering the inclined pipe area reach the wall of the inclined pipe under the condition of laminar hydraulic sedimentation. After accumulating to a certain amount, they slide down to the sedimentation area under the action of gravity. According to the design requirements of separation particle size processing capacity, the fine particles that fail to settle in the inclined pipe area will be discharged with overflow, thus achieving the process of classification and sedimentation. 3、 Equipment characteristics of inclined plate thickener manufacturer: The inclined plate thickener has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, convenient installation, flexible configuration, and good controllability. 1. The inclined plate thickener has small volume, less land occupation, and low construction and procurement costs. The land area is equivalent to 1/12-1/20 of the old thickener, and the procurement cost is only half. 2. Advanced technology and high efficiency. Multiple functions can be achieved on the inclined plate thickener equipment, such as classification, concentration to obtain recovered metal minerals, or concentration discharge to reduce sewage discharge and water recycling. 3. Good energy-saving and emission reduction effects. The inclined plate thickener equipment does not require power, saving electricity consumption, and the water overflowed through sedimentation filtration can meet the discharge standards, be recycled, and reduce the discharge of beneficiation wastewater by 60-80%

4、 Main technical parameters of inclined plate thickener

斜板浓密机(图2)Inclined plate thickener(图3)

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