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Sludge separator

Sludge separator

The sludge separator, also known as a cone classifier, is a simple equipment for classification, desliming, and concentration. The shape of the conical mud separator is an inverted cone. Set a feeding cylinder at the center of the liquid level, with the bottom edge of the cylinder sinking several depths below the liquid level. The slurry is fed into the central cylinder in a tangential direction, buffered, and then flows out from the bottom edge. The outflow of ore slurry flows radially towards the surrounding overflow weir. During this process, coarse particles with a settling velocity greater than the rising velocity of the liquid flow will settle in the tank and be discharged through bottom settling sand. Fine particles enter the overflow tank along with the surface slurry. The feeding particle size is generally less than 2mm. The grading granularity is 75μ M or finer. 分泥斗(图1)

The conical mud separator has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing, and no power consumption. Due to the large volume of the conical mud separator, it also has a storage function in the production process. At present, the cone shaped mud separator is mainly used in front of the hydraulic classifier to remove mud from the raw ore, in order to improve classification efficiency; The conical mud separator is also installed in front of the grinding equipment to concentrate and dehydrate the ore, in order to increase the feed concentration of the grinding machine; The conical mud separator is also useful for controlling the feed concentration and ore volume in front of various mud sorting equipment.


Table of Main Technical Parameters of Conical Mud Separation Bucket

Sludge separator(图3)

The website of the 分泥斗(图3) mud separator provides information on conical mud separator structure | conical classifier equipment. To learn more about the quotation of conical mud separator structure manufacturers and the principle of conical classifier equipment, please consult Jinqiang Mining Equipment. The manufacturer sells directly and the price is affordable. Welcome to purchase. 分泥斗(图4)


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