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High magnetic separator Product display/Product display

High magnetic separator

High magnetic separator

The characteristics of the high magnetic separator are: strong electromagnetic field and large output. The high magnetic separator is suitable for screening and optimization of Limonite, manganese ore, Ilmenite, high tin tungsten ore, Rutile, garnet, Chromite, rare earth ore, monazite, zircon, non-metallic materials and weak magnetic minerals. Construction and Basic Principles of High Magnetic Separation Machine

This high gradient strong magnetic separator is composed of various free sound card racks, feed silos, ore discharge plates, weak magnetic rollers, strong magnetic rollers, ore storage buckets, and spiral ore discharge pipelines.

2、 Characteristics of high magnetic separator

The high gradient strong magnetic separator equipment uses rare earth raw materials as the magnetic source, with good stability, high temperature resistance, and large electromagnetic field. It is suitable for screening Limonite, manganese ore, purple ivory, red column stone and other weak magnetic minerals. The characteristics of high gradient strong magnetic separator are: simple construction, large output, high utilization rate, low power consumption, and durability.

3、 Basic Principles of High Magnetic Separators

The high gradient strong magnetic separator equipment has a high permanent magnetization intensity and deep interaction force, while relying on the utility of water to form a sound physical efficiency. Reasonably separate weak magnetic minerals from non magnetic raw materials, thereby improving the quality and precision of iron ore. During the entire screening process, there is a close correlation between the water level line of the screening chamber and the rotational speed ratio of the magnetic drum. 高磁磁选机(图1)

4、 Operating steps of high magnetic separator

The iron ore with proper screening particle size distribution shall be evenly dropped into the surface of the screening magnetic drum. At the same time, the water level and the rotating speed ratio and orientation of the drum shall be adjusted. If the equipment is equipped with a weak magnetic roller, the weak magnetic orientation shall also be adjusted first. The ore discharging cutter cage shall be opened when the storage hopper is equipped with half of the ore and maintained in continuous operation. 高磁磁选机(图2)

5、 Performance parameters

Main magnetic cylinder diameter:Φ 380× 1000-1200-1500Mm

Ф 500× 1000-1200-1500Mm

Weak magnetic roller through:Φ 300× 1000-1200-1500Mm

Surface magnetization strength of the main magnetic cylinder: 9000MT-12000MT

Magnetization strength of the inner surface of the main magnetic cylinder: 14000MT-16000MT

Output: 2-5-8 tons per hour (two barrels)

10-15 tons per hour (three drums)

15-20 tons per hour (four drums)

Functional loss: The power consumption of the second cylinder is 6KW,

Three cylinder power consumption of 10KW,

Four cylinder power consumption of 15KW

Net weight of the entire machinery: 1805kg (double drum) 2500kg (four drum)

Size: 1700× 1500× 2200 (mm) 高磁磁选机(图3)


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