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Permanent magnet magnetic separator Product display/Product display

Permanent magnet magnetic separator

Permanent magnet magnetic separator

Main uses of permanent magnet magnetic separators: Permanent magnet magnetic separators are commonly used for rough selection and optimization of rare metals, non-metallic materials, and light ink metal materials. The principle of a permanent magnet magnetic separator is to use the difference in the specific magnetization index size of minerals themselves to complete the screening of magnetic and non magnetic minerals. 永磁式磁选机(图1)

The BT series of permanent magnetic separators are rare earth permanent magnetic disc type and roller type dry magnetic separators. The magnetic source is made of Ferrite core and rare earth plastic anti-static tweezers. According to different job responsibilities, rare earth permanent magnet disc machines can be divided into two types: dry and wet testing, and dry testing machines can be further divided into three types: disc, roller, and composite. Dry test disc type machine, the upper cylinder (small cylinder) is weak magnetic type, which is generally used to remove magnetic minerals with strong conduction zone, such as Hematite, magnetic Metalloid, etc. The lower cylinder (large cylinder) has high magnetization, which is generally used for commercial selection of Ilmenite, copper, etc., and the output depends on the diameter and length of the cylinder section; Dry test roller machine, generally divided into two rollers, with a length of between 600 and 1500Mm and a diameter ofΦ In the range of 130-220Mm, the maximum magnetization strength at present can reach 22000 oz, which is crucial for optimizing zircon, gold red, etc; Composite type, with two to three types of upper and lower rollers and two to three types of upper and lower rollers. The wet test models are divided into three types: wet test downstream, wet test backflow and wet test semi backflow. The size and length of pickling tank and cylinder section are determined according to the production capacity, and the magnetization is also determined according to the type of necessary elements, which are commonly preferred for manganese ore, copper ore and Hematite; The continuous rare earth permanent magnetic separator with wet test roller is mainly used for iron removal, roughing and optimization of mining enterprises such as Wolframite, titanium ore and Limonite. The characteristics of the permanent magnetic separator are: good selectivity, large production capacity and easy maintenance. 永磁式磁选机(图2)

The permanent magnetic separator is suitable for removing iron from non-metallic raw materials such as powdered titanium ore, manganese ore, Chromite, purple ivory, etc. The permanent magnet magnetic separator has the characteristics of light weight, strong magnetism, low energy consumption, stable characteristics, and wide application range. 永磁式磁选机(图3)

Permanent magnet magnetic separator(图4)

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