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Roller magnetic separator

Roller magnetic separator

The dry separation strong magnetic roller magnetic separator relies on the effectiveness of magnetism and mechanical equipment on the screening of ore particles. Different magnetic ore particles move along different trajectories for fitness, and are then screened into two or several types of independent ore dressing plant products. The magnetic system of the high intensity dry magnetic roller separator is made of high-quality Ferrite core raw materials or composite with rare earth magnetic tile, and the average magnetic flux on the cylinder surface is 100~600Mt. 辊式磁选机(图1)

Our company's dry selection strong magnetic roller magnetic separator has a roller shaped magnetic field, with a magnetization intensity of 1644.3T, which is already a relatively high magnetization intensity evaluated at this stage. According to customer requirements, various magnetic separation equipment with different surface strengths can be provided, such as forward flow, semi reverse flow, and reverse flow. Dry strong magnetic roller magnetic separator can be used to screen various weak magnetic minerals that cannot be screened by general weak magnetic or medium magnetic separators, such as hematite Limonite, manganese ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, and various iron Silicate mineral. With wide coverage of particle size distribution, it is likely to be picked out by magnetic separators as long as the magnetic properties of mineral particles are strong, which has significant advantages compared with other common beneficiation technologies. The production process flow is simple, and the strong magnetic roller magnetic separator can be used for beneficiation plants with finer particle crushing standards. It provides a high possibility for some beneficiation plants that are suitable for coarse particle beneficiation to control production and manufacturing costs, and reduce investment in machinery and equipment. The 辊式磁选机(图2) finished product quality high dry separation strong magnetic roller magnetic separator can separate a variety of gangue minerals or effective minerals from the ore at once. As long as the magnetic properties of this mineral are similar, it can make up a relatively complex composition for some minerals, especially for the iron and impurities removal work in mining enterprises. The application of strong magnetic separation can reasonably improve product quality and reduce the cost of the beneficiation plant. The effect of the permanent magnet roller type high intensity magnetic separator in the beneficiation plant is very good. The magnetic properties of the selected minerals in the permanent magnet roller type high intensity magnetic separator are poor. When the magnetic properties of the minerals are fixed or it is difficult to modify the materials, higher magnetic field performance parameters of the magnetic separator are the guarantee of the actual effect of the beneficiation plant. During work, the drum of the permanent magnet roller type high intensity magnetic separator rotates while the magnetic system remains stationary. The finely ground coal slurry enters the screening tank through a feeding box, where magnetic ore particles are magnetized without the effect of a uniform electromagnetic field, attracted by the electromagnetic field, adhere to the surface of the drum and rotate with the drum. Magnetic ore particles are transported to the entrance and exit of the electromagnetic field, and due to the weakening of magnetism and the washing of impact washing, they are released and turned into titanium concentrate without being attracted by magnetism. Non magnetic minerals, as they are not attracted by electromagnetic fields, are retained in the coal slurry and discharged with the ore flow as tailings ponds. 辊式磁选机(图3)

Roller magnetic separator(图4)

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