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Three disc magnetic separator Product display/Product display

Three disc magnetic separator

Three disc magnetic separator

The three coil magnetic separator is divided into CP-500 and CP-600 models. The three coil magnetic separator is suitable for the dry separation of titanium ore, tungsten tin ore, Chromite, niobium tantalum ore, Limonite, zircon, rutile, solitary, Andalusite, kyanite, feldspar, quartz and other metal minerals with magnetic differences or the iron remover of non-metallic materials, as well as the separation and purification of magnetic and non-magnetic minerals.

The 2三盘式磁选机(图1) two and three disc magnetic separator equipment is used for the separation of weakly magnetic minerals and rare metal ores with a concentration of less than. It is a very important beneficiation equipment. There are two types of triple disc magnetic separators: dry triple disc high intensity magnetic separators, which are suitable for the separation of various magnetic mineral mixtures. According to the magnetic differences of minerals, minerals can be separated by adjusting the excitation current of each level of disk to form a different strength magnetic field. Triple disc magnetic separators can also adjust the induction distance between each level of disk and the processed particles to obtain different magnetic field induction strengths, achieving one-time separation of multiple minerals. Three disk magnetic separator equipment is widely used in the dry separation of Ilmenite, monazite, tungsten tin ore, Tantalite and other magnetic and non-magnetic minerals. 3、 Product features: The three disk magnetic separator equipment has a reasonable structure, a small footprint, and simple operation and maintenance. The three disk magnetic separator equipment can separate various minerals such as strong magnetism, weak magnetism, and non magnetism at once. The three disk magnetic separator equipment is suitable for dry operation in water scarce mining areas. 4、 Product structure: The main body of the three disc magnetic separator is composed of; Mountain; The zigzag magnetic system is composed of a rotating disk suspended above the magnetic system and a vibration groove (or belt). 三盘式磁选机(图2)

三盘式磁选机(图3)三盘式磁选机(图4)Three disc magnetic separator(图5)

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