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Wet magnetic separator

Wet magnetic separator

The wet magnetic separator is suitable for mining, coal mining and other enterprises. The Wolframite wet magnetic separator is used for weak electromagnetic field wet test separation of strong magnetic minerals with fine particles, or to remove strong magnetic minerals mixed in non-magnetic minerals. Wolframite is a kind of universal tungsten ore material. Its color is generally dark gray, iron dark brown, metallic material or semi metallic texture, and its structure is generally granular, leafy or curved. The main use of Wolframite in industrial production industry is very common. It can be used for smelting tungsten, producing Tungstate, etc. 湿式磁选机(图1) Because there are certain magnetic minerals in Wolframite, magnetic separation method must be used to separate them, which must use Wolframite magnetic separators. Wolframite wet magnetic separators are developed by Jinqiang Equipment Speciality for Wolframite characteristics. They have high purpose and professional ability, obvious characteristics and advantages, and affordable prices. They are favored by Wolframite manufacturers, Below is a brief and detailed introduction to the magnetic separator of Wolframite. 1. It has strong purpose for Wolframite, high magnetic separation efficiency, and high output for Wolframite. 2. The overall design is simple and novel, with a high level of automation technology, a relatively low equipment failure rate, and a more stable and safe operation throughout the entire process. 3. It is easy to integrate, and can carry out magnetic separation for all kinds of Wolframite. The screening effect is very good. 4. The Wolframite wet magnetic separator has high price performance ratio, high cost performance ratio, low investment cost and great profit. 湿式磁选机(图2) The key structure of Wolframite wet magnetic separator includes sound card rack, drum, pickling tank, roller, magnetic system, magnetic roller, transmission system, magnetic system regulating equipment, etc. 1. Clean the external environment of the drum, material plate and other components of the Wolframite magnetic separator on time. If such components are damaged or corroded, they should be replaced or repaired immediately. 2. After the Wolframite magnetic separator has operated for a period of time, each anchor bolt is very easy to become loose. The maintenance staff often check the screw type and immediately tighten the loose screw type to prevent unnecessary damage. 3. In the lubrication management of rolling bearings, regularly maintain the temperature status of lubricating grease and refrigeration oil to ensure that they are within the appropriate range from beginning to end. If there is any temperature abnormality, immediately shut down the machine for inspection. 4. Check the pressure gauge and galvanometer of the Wolframite magnetic separator on time to see if their readings are standard. If there is any problem, repair it immediately. 5. Conduct rigorous inspections on the operation status of the interconnected components of the tungsten black wet mineral magnetic separator on time, ensuring that each component is in all normal operating conditions from beginning to end. 湿式磁选机(图3)

Wet magnetic separator(图4)

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