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Electromagnetic iron remover

Electromagnetic iron remover

The circuit of the electromagnetic iron remover is specially designed for places with severe dust and requiring remote control such as ports and power plants. The electric control cabinet of the permanent magnet electromagnetic iron remover adopts a double door structure, which is dustproof and waterproof. The permanent magnet electromagnetic iron remover is suitable for places with high dust. The permanent magnet electromagnetic iron remover can not only adapt to centralized control of remote computer distributed control systems, but also locally control local working modes. 电磁除铁器(图1)

1. The electrical control cabinet and iron remover achieve automatic control. The control cabinet panel of the permanent magnet electromagnetic iron remover displays power supply voltage, excitation voltage, excitation current, and three types of instruments, and has excitation circuit overload, fan overload alarm, and on-site operation buttons.

The local mode is designed for on-site operation and debugging, with a separate start stop button that can be operated according to the actual situation of the permanent magnet electromagnetic separator.

2. The remote mode of the permanent magnet electromagnetic iron remover is an operation mode that adapts to the centralized control of the remote computer DCS system, achieving computer centralized control and remote automatic operation. The control allows signals to be sent when the system is powered on and the switch is in the centralized control position.

4. The remote start and stop of the electromagnetic iron remover for mining are two sets of movable contacts that receive remote control signals. The programmable feedback signal has three sets of passive contacts: centralized control, operation, and fault.

5. Main excitation circuit: In addition to conventional speed fuse and air switch protection, it also consists of J1.J2.J3 relay for voltage loss and phase loss protection. If the rectifier component malfunctions or is abnormally damaged, the DC voltage decreases, and the DC undervoltage relay J4 sends an alarm signal and cuts off the excitation magnetic circuit. During the operation of the electromagnetic iron remover used in mining, if a local short circuit or other fault in the coil causes excessive current, the overcurrent relay GL will close, the relay J11 will close, the alarm circuit will be connected, the contactor K1 will be controlled, and the excitation circuit power will be cut off.

6. Cooling fan circuit: The circuit of the mining electromagnetic iron remover includes fuses, automatic air circuit breakers, and thermal relays, used for daily protection. After the main excitation circuit is cut off, the fan needs to be slowly shut down due to the cooling system still working. Time relay SJ1 slows down for a period of time before the fan stops running, and relay J9.J10 alarms the fan failure.


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