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Iron remover

Iron remover

The iron remover is divided into permanent magnet iron remover equipment and electromagnetic iron remover equipment. Iron remover is a type of iron removal equipment that can generate strong magnetic attraction, which can remove mixed ferromagnetic impurities in materials, ensure the safe and normal operation of mechanical equipment such as crushers and grinders in the conveying system, and effectively prevent accidents of large and long iron pieces scratching the conveying belt, significantly improving the grade of high altitude materials. According to its iron unloading method, it can be divided into manual iron unloading equipment, automatic iron unloading equipment, and program controlled iron unloading equipment. Due to different usage scenarios and magnetic circuit structures, various series of iron remover equipment products have been formed.

Application of Iron Remover Equipment

Iron separator equipment is widely used in metallurgy, mining, Coal preparation plant, power plant, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemical industry, food and feed processing industries. In the emerging waste treatment industry, iron removal equipment also needs to recycle steel from waste. Iron removal equipment has been applied and plays an important role in major steel enterprises, metal mines, power plants, light industry, refractory materials and other industries.

Iron removal equipment is suitable for various industries and can achieve continuous iron absorption and disposal.

Classification of iron remover equipment

There are two types of magnetic sources: electromagnetic iron remover equipment and permanent magnet iron remover equipment.

It is divided into self dumping iron removal equipment and manual iron removal equipment.

According to installation methods, it can be divided into suspension type iron removal equipment, magnetic roller, pipeline type iron removal equipment, and flat plate type iron removal equipment.

According to the cooling method, it can be divided into self cooled iron remover equipment, oil cooled iron remover equipment, and forced air cooled iron remover equipment.

Technical characteristics of iron remover equipment

The special design of the excitation coil is conducive to transferring heat to the transformer oil, effectively reducing the coil temperature.

The coil insulation is Class F, using a new type of high-temperature heat transfer oil. The oil circuit design is reasonable, unobstructed, fast circulation, and high heat dissipation efficiency.

The coil is completely immersed in the sealed cooling oil and has excellent dust, moisture, and corrosion resistance.

The corrugated heat dissipation fins greatly increase the heat dissipation area and continuously work for a long time to increase the temperature of the coil; 70 ℃, reaching the technical level of similar products abroad.

Automatic iron unloading, simple maintenance, drum waist drum structure, with automatic belt deviation correction function, dedicated fully sealed bearing seat, can achieve long-term trouble-free operation.

Jinqiang Mining Equipment specializes in the production of iron removal equipment and iron removal equipment. The iron removal equipment produced is sold directly by manufacturers, with affordable prices and complete services. To learn more about iron removal equipment, please feel free to consult Jinqiang Mining.

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