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Sand gold sorting machine Product display/Product display

Sand gold sorting machine

Sand gold sorting machine

As a machine for mining and recovering heavy metals from sand gold mines, sand gold concentrators and placer equipment are currently used in sand gold mining areas worldwide. There are many models of gold sorting machines, but they are all designed and manufactured based on the recycling of gold. Currently, in countries such as Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and North Korea, the gold sorting machine is widely used in large quantities.

These are some areas with abundant sand and gold deposits. More people go abroad for sand Gold mining mining in China. In recent years, the integrated gold concentrator designed by Jinqiang Mining is very popular, and its advantages are also prominent. Below, let Jinqiang Mining, a professional manufacturer of placer gold machines and sand gold concentrators, introduce the advantages of sand gold concentrators: this type of placer gold concentrator equipment is very convenient to move, and can be applied to various terrains, whether the terrain is soft sand or hard rock, or there are many stones, and it must be very convenient, The gold concentrator equipment for placer gold mines can meet the development method of mining while walking. The gold concentrator equipment for placer gold mines has good effects on a large range of placer gold mining areas, can save a lot of production costs, and increase mining efficiency. This type of placer gold concentrator equipment is integrated, all components are integrated, and the water pump is also designed on the equipment, which can be mined wherever you go. It is now very popular. The gold concentrator equipment for placer gold mines can be driven by diesel power generation and can be fed using various engineering machinery. For example, dump trucks, hooks, loaders, etc. The gold placer concentrator equipment can also be fed using a sand pump. The hopper of the 沙金选金机(图1) placer gold concentrator equipment is equipped with a large stone partition screen. The partition screen of the placer gold concentrator equipment is made of special materials, which will not block stones and has good isolation effect. It is also equipped with a fully automatic powerful water gun, which can isolate the large stones while also cleaning the mud adhering to the large stones to prevent the wrapped gold from being discharged. The adjacent screen of the gold placer selection machine equipment is fully automatic, which can be collected when not in use and automatically lifted when in use, without affecting the feeding. In addition, the equipment hopper of the gold concentrator manufacturer is equipped with strong vibration, which allows for faster feeding. The vibration can be opened or closed when needed, making it very user-friendly. The drum separation screen of the gold concentrator manufacturer's equipment can have a reamer to grind and wash ore with high clay content. The equipment of the gold sorting machine manufacturer can also be repeatedly stirred and scrubbed for those with low mud content and high stone content, so that all the gold adhered to the stones can be washed out. The equipment of the 沙金选金机(图2) gold sorting machine manufacturer is equipped with a multiple recycling system, which has a high recycling rate. How many coarse and fine gold particles, capillaries, flakes, and particulate gold recovery systems can be equipped with the equipment of the gold sorting machine manufacturer. Gold concentrator manufacturers have high equipment recovery rates and high returns. In addition, the automatic tailings discharge of this sand gold concentrator all-in-one machine saves the workload of an engineering machinery, saves mining costs, and increases efficiency. 沙金选金机(图3)

沙金选金机(图4)沙金选金机(图5)Sand gold sorting machine(图6)

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