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Gold Panning Machine Product display/Product display

Gold Panning Machine

Gold Panning Machine

The gold Panning machine is mainly used to select minerals such as gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony, etc. All ball mills can choose between mineral and wet milling machines. 碾金机(图1)

The features of the gold selection and grinding machine are mainly achieved through the mixing, rolling, crushing, and repeated rolling of raw materials, achieving water balance, uniform ratio, low gas content, improved molding rate and quality. The material forming products of the selected gold rolling machine manufacturer's equipment have the characteristics of high density, good strength, and no pore specific gravity. Efficient and energy-saving, with high output. The equipment of the gold selection and grinding machine manufacturer is used to recover tailings from the iron ore process, prevent the loss of ore powder, and fully utilize effective resources.


When selecting gold, the selection method and process instructions for the equipment of the gold selection and grinding machine manufacturer are as follows: 1. After the installation and debugging of the gold grinding machine, approximately 5 kilograms of mercury are added to the bottom of the gold selection and grinding machine slot to start normal operation. Collect gold sand once per shift, add 1 kilogram of mercury to collect ground gold sand and mercury during shift handover, collect the mercury into the gold container, use a high-density red cloth to wring out the mercury and give it to the bag. Open the red cloth and the remaining gold sand is left. Add one kilogram of mercury at the start of each shift. One of them is to place a mercury plate behind a gold cloth or gold blanket to collect the gold. 碾金机(图3)

Gold Panning Machine(图4)

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