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Impact crusher

Impact crusher

The impact crusher is a crusher equipment that uses impact performance to crush raw materials. During the operation of the impact crusher, under the push of the motor, the motor rotor runs at high speed. When the raw materials enter the effective area of the plate hammer, they collide with the plate hammer on the motor rotor and are crushed again. They are then thrown onto the counterattack equipment and crushed again. Then, they bounce back from the counterattack jaw to the effective area of the plate hammer and are crushed again. The entire process is repeated, with the raw materials entering the first, second, and third counterattack cavities from large to small, Until the raw materials are crushed to the required particle size distribution and discharged from the feed port. Adjusting the gap between the return frame and the motor rotor can change the particle size distribution of raw materials and the appearance of raw materials. 反击式碎石机(图1) The production line of impact crusher adopts new production technology and distinctive overall design. The finished products produced and processed are square, without supporting force and gaps, and have good grain shape. It can crush a variety of coarse, medium and fine raw materials (granite, dolomite, concrete, etc.) with a particle size distribution of no more than 500 mm and a tensile strength of no more than 350 MPa. The production line of impact crusher is widely used in a variety of iron ore crushing Railway lines, highways, power and energy, concrete, chemical plants, engineering and construction, and other fields. The size distribution of blanking particle size can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications and models are diversified. The production line of impact crusher has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production volume, light weight, and cubic meter shape of crushed finished products. The impact crusher is cheap and can be used by mineral processing plants, organic chemistry, concrete, engineering construction, fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials, porcelain, Laminated glass and other industrial departments to crush various kinds of medium strength raw materials, such as dolomite Cement clinker, coal ash, coke, coal, etc. Characteristics of the production line of the 反击式碎石机(图2) impact crusher: 1. Large feed inlet, high crushing chamber, high strength of raw material integration, large block size, and less commercial lime powder; 2. The gap between the impact plate and the hammer can be adjusted conveniently, the feed particle size distribution can be controlled reasonably, and the particles look good; 3. Compact structure, strong equipment stiffness, and large inertia moment of the motor rotor; 4. High chromium plate hammer, resistant to impact, wear resistance, and high impact force; 5. No tangential keys, convenient maintenance, and reliable economic development; 6. Full crushing effect, high production efficiency, low component wear, and high comprehensive economic benefits. The strength of the manufacturer of the 反击式碎石机(图3) Impact Crusher Jinqiang Impact Crusher is a professional enterprise that produces sand and gravel equipment. With 10 years of rich experience in the production of crushed stone machine equipment, the price of the produced counterattack crushed stone machine is affordable. At the same time, the company has introduced domestic and foreign technical talents, and has been striving forward and thriving. For the past 10 years, we have spared no effort to combine market demand, absorb innovative counterattack crusher technology from abroad, and strive to create and produce generation after generation of crusher equipment products. Our strength is strong, providing users with a large number of spot products. Welcome users to the factory for consultation and understanding at any time. 反击式碎石机(图4)


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