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gangue crusher

gangue crusher

Coal gangue crusher, also known as dry and wet material crusher, is mainly used to crush cinder, furnace slag, shale, coal gangue, Construction waste and other materials in brick and tile plants. The crushed coal gangue powder is mainly used to manufacture new types of internal combustion bricks. Coal gangue crusher is a new type of green building material with high strength, good pressure resistance, and simple production process. Obtaining national policies and tax incentives has broad market prospects. 煤矸石粉碎机(图1)

Operating principle of coal gangue crusher: Coal gangue crusher is a fine crushing equipment that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the machine is working, the rotor rotates at high speed driven by an electric motor. When the material enters the action zone of the plate hammer, it collides with the plate hammer on the rotor and is then broken again by the lower rotor. The material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the rotor and the lining plate can change the granularity of the material's discharge. Compared with other crushers, the Jinqiang coal gangue crusher uses a dual rotor disc with a higher crushing ratio, which can fully utilize the high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor to crush materials. However, due to the easy wear and tear of the hammer in the crusher, the application of hard material crushing is also limited. Coal gangue crusher is usually used to finely crush brittle materials below medium hard, such as coal, gangue, cinder, coal, shale, limestone, calcium carbide, dolomite, Iron(III) sulfide ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials. 煤矸石粉碎机(图2)


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