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Circular vibrating screen for mining Product display/Product display

Circular vibrating screen for mining

Circular vibrating screen for mining

The circular vibrating screen for mining is a type of vibrating screen with circular vibration and double layers, commonly known as a circular vibrating screen. There are two key types of mining circular vibrating screens produced by Jinqiang: YA mining circular vibrating screen and YK mining circular vibrating screen. The YA mineral processing circular vibrating screen equipment is a universal and standardized mining circular vibrating screen equipment independently developed by our company, belonging to the excitation force caused by axial force. YK mineral processing circular vibrating screen is a mining circular vibrating screen that is basically expanded from the YA type circular vibrating screen, Attributing to the exciting force caused by the block axial force, the two commodities can meet the requirements of screening high efficiency, long life and non blocking holes, and are widely used in the classification of raw materials in the fields of mineral processing plants, mineral processing, decorative building materials, power engineering, chemical plants, etc.

The vibrator of the 矿用圆振动筛(图1) mining circular vibrating screen is installed on the baffle of the circular vibrating screen box. The motor drives the exciter's axial force block to run at high speed through a triangular belt. The running axial force block causes a very large centrifugal inertia moment, driving the screen box to cause a certain amplitude of circular fitness movement. The raw materials on the skewed screen surface are subjected to the momentum moment sent by the screen box, resulting in continuous throwing fitness movement throughout the entire process, The fine particles lower than the round hole sieve are screened according to the stainless steel screen, so as to achieve the goal of grading. The adjustment of the inclination angle of the screen surface can be achieved by changing the aspect ratio of the torsion spring rubber support. 矿用圆振动筛(图2) Round vibrating screen for mineral processing can process metal materials. Industries: aluminum oxide powder, lead powder, copper filings, alloy powder, grinding paste, electrolytic nickel powder, welding wire powder, iron ore, Manganese dioxide, Electropermanent magnet materials, fire-resistant insulation materials, porcelain clay, lime powder, aluminum oxide, heavy calcium carbonate, quartz sand, etc. The circular vibrating screen for mineral processing is composed of an exciter, a screen box, a stainless steel screen, a vibrator, vibration reduction equipment, a base, and supporting equipment. Screen box: It is made of aluminum profiles welded or riveted by electric welding or riveting, selected from the screen frame, screen powder, and clamping equipment. Exciter: The circular vibration screening uses a biaxial vibrator. Support point equipment: mainly used to support the elastic components of the screen box, there are two types: suspended and vertical. Damping equipment: Common types include compression springs, torsion springs, and rubber shock absorbers. Transmission system: Generally, a V-belt transmission system is used, which is easy to organize and can freely select the speed of the vibrator. 矿用圆振动筛(图3)

Circular vibrating screen for mining(图4)

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