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Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher

The main working component of a hammer crusher is a rotor with a hammer (also known as a hammer), which is composed of a spindle, a disc, a shaft pin, and a hammer. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber, and the material enters from the upper feeding port. It is crushed by the impact, impact, shear, and grinding action of the high-speed moving hammer. The particle size smaller than the sieve hole size in the crushed material is discharged through the sieve plate below the rotor. 锤式破碎机(图1)

There are various types of hammer crushers, which can be divided into: 1. According to the number of rotors, they are divided into single rotor (single shaft) and double rotor (double shaft); 2. According to the rotation direction of the rotor: irreversible and reversible (the rotor can rotate in both directions); 3. According to the arrangement of hammers on the rotor: single row (hammers are installed on the same Plane of rotation) and multiple rows (hammers are distributed on several Plane of rotation); According to the connection method of the hammer on the rotor, there are two types: fixed hammer and movable hammer. Fixed hammer is mainly used for fine crushing and grinding of soft materials. 锤式破碎机(图2) heavy-duty hammer crushers are divided into two types: reversible and irreversible, as follows: 1. Reversible heavy-duty hammer crushers. The reversible rotor first rotates in a certain direction, crushing the material. After the lining plate, sieve plate, and hammer head in that direction are worn to a certain extent, the rotor rotates in the opposite direction, using the other end of the hammer head and the lining plate and sieve plate on the other side to work, and its continuous life has almost doubled. The rotor can rotate to the left or right, and the vertical centerline of the crusher is symmetrical, with the feeding port located in the middle of the machine. Due to the presence of sieve strips, it is not suitable for crushing adhesive materials. When the moisture content of the material exceeds 15%, it is easy to block. 2. Irreversible heavy-duty hammer crusher. An irreversible rotor can only rotate in one direction. After the end of the hammer is worn to a certain extent, it is necessary to stop changing the direction of the hammer (rotating 180°) or replace it with a new hammer. Single rotor multi row irreversible hammer crusher. Several rows of discs are installed on the main shaft, and there are two rows of pin holes on the rotor disc. When the end of the hammer head is worn, the pin shaft can be inserted into the outer ring hole to adjust the gap between the hammer head and the screen strip. The hammer head is hinged between each row of discs using a shaft pin. In order to prevent axial movement between the discs and the hammer head, the two ends of the disc are fixed with a compression shaft disc and a locking nut. The two ends of the rotor are supported on rolling bearings, which are fixed to the casing with bolts. What is the price of a heavy hammer crusher at 锤式破碎机(图3)? According to different models and production, the price range of hammer crushers varies. The price of low production hammer crushers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but the price of high production and high standard heavy hammer crushers is around several million. The manufacturer of Jinqiang Heavy Hammer Crusher sells it directly from stock, making it more timely to ship. This means that the equipment you buy is much cheaper than intermediaries, and after-sales service will be safer. The specific price of heavy-duty hammer crushers is welcome to inquire online for more information. Our technical manager will answer your questions. Jinqiang Mining, a manufacturer of heavy-duty hammer impact crushers, is a large-scale manufacturer of hammer impact crushers. We have been specializing in the production of equipment for heavy-duty hammer impact crushers for over 10 years, and have a well-established research and development team to create high standard and high-quality equipment for heavy-duty hammer impact crushers. The company's production of heavy-duty hammer impact crushers has a long service life and durability The advantages include simple operation, uniform particle size of the finished product, less overfilling, and low energy consumption. The structure and working principle of the equipment produced by the manufacturer of the heavy hammer crusher are mainly composed of a pull rod, front impact frame, rear impact frame, impact lining plate, main shaft, lock block, pressure plate, rotor frame, plate hammer, impact plate, rotor, and other components. The heavy hammer crusher manufacturer's equipment is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. Driven by an electric motor, the rotor rotates at high speed. When the material enters the action zone of the plate hammer, it collides with the plate hammer on the rotor and breaks, then is thrown onto the impact device and broken again, and then bounces back from the impact lining plate to the action zone of the plate hammer and broken again. This process is repeated. The material enters the first, second, and third reaction chambers from large to small and is repeatedly crushed until it reaches the required particle size and is discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counterattack frame and the rotor can change the discharge particle size and shape of the material. 锤式破碎机(图4)

锤式破碎机(图5)锤式破碎机(图6)Hammer crusher(图7)

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