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Impact crusher

Impact crusher

The impact crusher (referred to as the impact crusher) is a new generation of impact crusher developed by Jinqiang Mining, which absorbs advanced technology from both domestic and foreign sources and combines specific industrial and mining conditions in the domestic sand and gravel industry. Generally, as a secondary crushing equipment, it can achieve more crushing and less grinding, and is divided into PF impact crusher and HD German impact crusher. The processed finished stone has a good shape, cubic shape, adjustable discharge particle size, and diverse product specifications. It can handle various medium hardness and soft materials (limestone, coal gangue, concrete, etc.), The impact crusher is widely used in industries such as railways, highways, cement, and chemical engineering. 反击式破碎机(图1)

The performance characteristics of the impact crusher. 1. Large feed port, high crushing chamber, high Hardness, large block size and less product stone powder. The gap between the impact plate and the hammer can be easily adjusted, effectively controlling the discharge particle size and maintaining a good particle shape. 3. The impact crusher has compact structure, strong mechanical rigidity and large Moment of inertia of rotor. 4. High chromium plate hammer, impact resistant, wear-resistant, and impact resistant. 5. The counterattack crusher equipment is keyless, easy to maintain, and economical and reliable. 6. The counterattack crusher has complete crushing functions, high production efficiency, low component wear, and high comprehensive benefits. What is the price of a large impact crusher at 反击式破碎机(图2)? According to different models and production quantities, the price range of equipment varies. The price of low production equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but the high yield and high standard large impact crusher is around several million yuan. Jinqiang's large-scale counterattack crusher manufacturer sells directly from stock, providing more timely delivery. This means that the equipment you buy is much cheaper than intermediaries, and after-sales service will be safer. The technical manager will provide you with online inquiries and more relevant information on specific large-scale impact crushers. Jinqiang Mining, a manufacturer of 反击式破碎机(图3) impact crushers, is a large impact crusher manufacturer that has been specializing in the production of large impact crushers for over 10 years. With an excellent research and development team, we create high standard and high-quality equipment for large impact crusher manufacturers. The company's large impact crusher manufacturers have advantages such as long service life, durability, simple operation, uniform particle size of the finished product, less overfilling, and low energy consumption. The structure and working principle of the equipment from the manufacturer of the 反击式破碎机(图4) impact crusher. The structure of the equipment from a large impact crusher manufacturer mainly consists of a pull rod, front impact frame, rear impact frame, impact lining plate, main shaft, lock block, pressure plate, rotor frame, plate hammer, impact plate, rotor, etc.

The equipment of the counterattack crusher manufacturer is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. Driven by an electric motor, the rotor rotates at high speed. When the material enters the action zone of the plate hammer, it collides with the plate hammer on the rotor and breaks, then is thrown onto the impact device and broken again, and then bounces back from the impact lining plate to the action zone of the plate hammer and broken again. This process is repeated. The material enters the first, second, and third reaction chambers from large to small and is repeatedly crushed until it reaches the required particle size and is discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counterattack frame and the rotor can change the discharge particle size and shape of the material.


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