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High frequency dewatering screen Product display/Product display

High frequency dewatering screen

High frequency dewatering screen

The high-frequency dehydration screen has a reasonable structure and is unique and novel. It uses a vibration motor as the excitation source, and the material is thrown to achieve the purpose of screening and processing.

The working principle of high-frequency dewatering screen: The high-frequency dewatering screen is mainly used for grading and dewatering small or medium-sized materials, as well as for coal slurry recovery. The high-frequency dewatering screen is particularly suitable for coal slurry dehydration in front of the plate and frame filter press system. Features of the 高频脱水筛(图1) high-frequency dewatering screen: 1. The high-frequency dewatering screen has advanced structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, and low noise, and is directly driven by a new type of vibration motor. 2. The high-frequency dehydration vibrating screen manufacturer's equipment has a simple screen structure and is easy to maintain. The screen is made of high-strength metal woven mesh, which is durable, or polyurethane screen is used. 3. The side protective plate of the high-frequency dehydration vibrating screen manufacturer's equipment is adhered with wear-resistant rubber to ensure that the dehydration screen is not deformed or ruptured due to wear, and to reduce the pollution of materials caused by iron. 4. High frequency dewatering screen mesh uses embedded wear-resistant ammonia ester composite screen mesh. Its service life is 10 times longer than traditional metal screen mesh G3-10, which avoids the direct collision between the metal frame of the screen mesh and ore, reduces noise and reduces the thickness of the metal screen mesh. 5. The vibration reduction device of the high-frequency dehydration vibrating screen manufacturer's equipment adopts rubber vibration reduction columns, which are very suitable for wet working conditions, both vibration reduction and durability. 高频脱水筛(图2)

高频脱水筛(图3)High frequency dewatering screen(图4)

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