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Hydraulic classification box Product display/Product display

Hydraulic classification box

Hydraulic classification box

The hydraulic classification box is an iron pyramid box, with wedge shaped sand bars installed at the upper end and a classification bottom box valve at the lower end. Generally, a series of grade classification boxes with overall width ranging from 200mm to 800mm are connected by common stainless steel flume, and the grit is discharged from coarse to fine.


The inclined plate hydraulic classification box can be used for cleaning clay minerals; As an auxiliary work, it can be used for the prior classification, inspection classification, manipulation classification of the grinding circulation system, or for dehydration and desliming; As a preparatory work in advance, Yuntin hydraulic classification box can be used for the classification of grades before the sorting of shaking table, etc; At the same time, the Yunxi hydraulic classification box is also a key way to check the raw material (grain size distribution composition) of fine sand.


The common hydraulic classification equipment in mining plants include mechanical stirring, cone type, Yunxi hydraulic classification box, and inclined plate hydraulic classification box.

The Yunxi hydraulic classification box divides the mixed particles with wide particle size distribution into multiple particles with narrow particle size distribution according to the different settling speed of particles in fitness materials.

Advantages of inclined plate hydraulic classification box equipment: simple structure, no use of machinery, small aspect ratio, and easy to equip. The sedimentation concentration value and classification efficiency are both low. This type of inclined plate hydraulic classification box is widely used in small and medium-sized tungsten mining plants in China. 水力分级箱(图3)


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