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Electric separator

Electric separator Introduction to Electric Sorter

The electric separator is an electromagnetic separator equipment for electric ore dressing. Electric separator equipment is a method of separating minerals and materials by utilizing the differences in their electrical properties in nature. The electric separator equipment is divided into high voltage electric separator, plate type electric separator, double roll electric separator, three drum type high voltage electric separator, etc. Electromagnetic separator is a method of separating minerals and materials by utilizing the differences in their electrical properties in nature. For example, Magnetite, Ilmenite, cassiterite and natural gold in common minerals have good conductivity; Quartz, zircon, feldspar, Calcite, Scheelite and silicate minerals have poor conductivity, so they can be separated by electrical separation by taking advantage of their different electrical properties.

Working principle of electric separator

Applying a certain intensity of high-voltage electricity at high voltage forms a corona electric field between the corona electrode and the drum, while an electrostatic field is formed between the bias electrode and the drum.

After modern mineral processing is dried and heated, it enters a corona electric field with the blower. The corona current charges all the minerals and contacts conductive mineral particles with the drum, which can quickly transfer the charged minerals to the drum, known as discharge. When the minerals leave the corona electric field and enter the electrostatic field as they roll, the positive charge on the surface of the drum promotes the conductive minerals to be positively charged. Conductive minerals will fall from the front of the drum to the conductive product under the action of electricity, gravity, and centrifugal force.

Non conductive minerals retain negative charges on their surface due to their slow discharge, which generate greater electrostatic attraction in an electrostatic field than minerals. Let the minerals continue to adsorb on the surface of the drum until they fall off by the brush behind the drum, thus achieving the goal of separating the minerals according to different conductivity.

The electric separator is widely used

Electromagnetic separator utilizes the difference in material conductivity to achieve the separation of materials under the action of electric and mechanical forces in a composite electric field combining high-voltage corona electric field and high-voltage electrostatic field. It enhances the attraction of the electrostatic pole to the conductor and the repulsive force to the non-conductor.

The invention of corona electric separator played a crucial role in the widespread adoption of electromagnetic separator in various fields on a large scale. This is because the efficiency of electric separator equipment (electromagnetic separator) is higher than that of previous electrostatic beneficiation, and most production and laboratory type electric separator equipment (electromagnetic separator) uses a composite electric field that combines corona and electrostatic fields.

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