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Ball mill pulverization system

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Ball mill pulverization system

The pulverizing system is the main auxiliary system of Fossil fuel power station and an important part of the production process of Fossil fuel power station. As a type of pulverizing equipment, ball mills have been widely used in power plants both domestically and internationally, but there are still some urgent problems to be solved during their use. The main difficulties in ball mill control are the inability to achieve automatic control, the inability to operate in a good economic output state, multivariable coupling, multivariable time delay, and time-varying characteristics of the model. Coal blockage, overheating, and coal shortage often occur, and sometimes even cause equipment damage accidents, leading to unit shutdown and causing significant economic losses to the enterprise. At the same time, the power plant's pulverizing system is also a major consumer of electricity, accounting for approximately 1/4 of the factory's electricity consumption. In order to reduce the power consumption of the pulverizing system, the coal mill must operate near the optimal operating conditions to ensure that the coal storage and ventilation of the ball mill tend to be optimal. At present, most pulverizing systems in our country use manual control means, so the power consumption of factories is large and the economic benefits are poor. The computer automatic control system of the Ball mill pulverization system(图1) ball mill overcomes the shortcomings of previous design systems and adopts mature fuzzy control theory. Through continuous monitoring, analysis, and judgment of the operating conditions of the ball mill, the speed of the coal feeder and the cold and hot air doors are adjusted to ensure that the coal mill operates near the optimal economic conditions, effectively preventing accidents such as full coal of the ball mill, improving the efficiency of the pulverizing system, saving energy, and reducing steel consumption, Make the automatic input rate reach 100%. During manual control by ball mill operators, due to monitoring negligence, the system may experience positive pressure, resulting in powder leakage and coal blockage. Sometimes, due to changes in coal type, coal quality, steel ball quantity, and system ventilation, it is difficult to adjust to better working conditions, which cannot ensure long-term safety and economic operation, and also affects the automatic input rate of the entire unit. The common problem with conventional control schemes is based on a single loop regulator. In fact, the pulverizing system has multivariable coupling, multivariable time delay, and mutual influence between parameters. For complex multivariable systems, conventional single loop control systems are powerless. The key to controlling the pulverizing system is how to control the coal storage in the ball mill, the ventilation of the pulverizing system, and the outlet temperature of the ball mill. Only when the above parameters reach a good state can the operating status of the pulverizing system achieve a large output. The difficulty in controlling the above parameters lies in the detection of coal in the ball mill and the control of system ventilation. The computer distribution control system of the ball mill can accurately detect the coal storage in the ball mill, thereby reducing the key variables of the pulverizing system& Flash; The mill load is decoupled from the system. The selection of control strategies is also a challenge for the control of the milling system. The pulverizing system is a nonlinear, multivariable, strongly coupled, large inertia, and complex dynamic object, and its mathematical model is difficult to establish. Mature fuzzy control theory can decouple objects in multivariable coupling, multivariable time delay, and complex multivariable systems, making it easy to establish their mathematical models. For the pulverizing system, in terms of coal grinding output, corresponding to a certain determined ball mill and steel ball loading capacity, it has a good material level value, that is, a good coal storage capacity. For a certain coal mill output, it has good ventilation capacity and can maintain good ventilation temperature. This can be reflected by the inlet and outlet differential pressure and outlet temperature. On the other hand, for a certain level of ventilation, having good coal storage can ensure the system's strength under ventilation conditions. To ensure the safe and stable operation of the milling system, there are certain requirements for the range of material level, inlet and outlet differential pressure, and outlet temperature in the ball mill. This cannot guarantee both coal grinding output and ventilation output at the same time. Only when the ventilation volume of the pulverizing system is coordinated with the coal storage capacity in the ball mill, can the entire pulverizing system achieve optimal output. In response to the above problems and difficulties, a computer distribution control system is adopted, and a self optimizing fuzzy control algorithm is applied in the system. This not only enables the system to achieve automatic operation, but also controls the coal feeding amount based on the material level and its changing trend of the mill, so that the entire system is always in a good operating state and avoids human interference. As a major mining equipment manufacturer in the market, Jinqiang Mining's ball mill equipment adopts advanced foreign technology with a high level of technical proficiency; Moreover, the selected ball mill materials are good, and the computer control system of the ball mill is controlled by highly skilled operators. Therefore, the produced ball mill computer control system is good, has a good reputation in the market, and has been unanimously welcomed by customers. If you don't know where to choose when choosing a ball mill, then come to Jinqiang Machinery for on-site inspection. Jinqiang Mining also provides free design production lines, one-on-one explanations, door-to-door delivery, year-round after-sales and other services!

Ball mill pulverization system(图2) Ball mill pulverization system
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