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Characteristics of Vertical Impact Crusher

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Characteristics of Vertical Impact Crusher

Drawing on various domestic and foreign crusher data, especially on the basis of vertical shaft hammer crusher, the crushing characteristics were studied and a vertical impact crusher was developed. In the case of cement clinker particles ranging from 80 to 160mm, the impact force of the impact crusher on the cement clinker is much greater than the self weight of the cement clinker itself. On the premise of this understanding, the impact crusher is creatively applied to vertical crushers. The lining plate of the PCL vertical shaft hammer crusher is designed as a special impact plate, and the rotor type of the disc and hammer head is designed as an impact crusher rotor with a cutting disc. This is a vertical impact crusher. From the actual results, the vertical impact crusher is not perfect. For example, the material does not fully realize the Z-trajectory movement around the rotator, but is affected by other factors such as material to material collisions. Some materials may move axially or jump out of the cavity axially without complete crushing. Although there are very few coarse particles in this section, the crushing process in the cement plant can also affect the output of the mill, which needs to be addressed. After thorough analysis and research, we have changed a single crushing chamber to two crushing chambers, and changed a single stage crushing of a machine to a second stage crushing. We have also focused on setting up partition devices to prevent material leakage and serve as a guide plate for the second chamber crushing and separation. This is an improved vertical impact crusher. 立式冲击式破碎机特点(图1)1. Compared with the (horizontal) impact crusher, the chances and frequency of material being hit and counterattacked in the chamber are greatly increased, allowing the material to be fully crushed. 2. Due to the increased opportunity and frequency of material crushing, a lower rotational speed can be used to effectively crush the material and extend the lifespan of the hammer head. 3. Adopting new high wear-resistant materials, the clinker is finely crushed at a reasonable speed and sufficient crushing conditions, achieving a certain service life for vulnerable parts. 4. Simple structure, preferred special sealing device, good effect, mature lubrication system, long bearing service life, and convenient maintenance.

立式冲击式破碎机特点(图2) Characteristics of Vertical Impact Crusher
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