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Structure and operating instructions of jaw crusher

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Structure and operating instructions of jaw crusher

A jaw crusher is a familiar device. Due to its high crushing efficiency, the finished product after crushing meets the material requirements of various enterprises. This article briefly introduces the structure and usage instructions of the equipment. The jaw crusher is mainly composed of components such as frame, movable jaw, eccentric jaw, jaw plate, and elbow plate. The motor drives the eccentric shaft through a triangular belt, causing the moving jaw to move according to the adjusted trajectory, thereby crushing the materials in the cavity. The rack is a single integral cast steel structure or welded steel plate, and edge guards are installed on the broken side walls of the rack to prevent wear and tear on the rack walls. 颚式破碎机结构和使用说明(图1) (1) Carefully check whether the lubrication of the bearing is good, and whether there is sufficient lubricating grease inside the bearing and at the connection of the bracket. (2) Carefully check whether all tight solids are fully tightened. (3) Whether the protective device is in good condition, and if there are any unsafe phenomena, they should be immediately eliminated. (4) Check if there are any ores or other debris in the crushing chamber, and if so, immediately eliminate them. (1) After checking and proving that the machine and transmission components are normal, it can be started. (2) This machine can only be started without load. (3) If any abnormal situation is found, the vehicle should be stopped immediately. Only after identifying the cause and eliminating the hidden danger can it be restarted. 颚式破碎机结构和使用说明(图2) (1) The crusher can only be fed after normal operation. (2) The material to be crushed is evenly added to the crushing chamber, avoiding side feeding and preventing sudden changes in load or unilateral increase. (3) Under normal working conditions, the bearing temperature is generally 40 ℃ and should not exceed 70 ℃. Otherwise, it should be stopped immediately to identify the cause and eliminate it. (4) Before parking, the feeding should be stopped first, and the motor can only be turned off after the crushed material in the crushing chamber is completely discharged. (5) If the machine is stopped due to material blockage in the crushing chamber during use, the motor should be immediately turned off and the material must be removed before it can be used again. (6) Turn around after one end of the jaw is worn. (7) The machine should be stopped after 4 hours of normal operation, and each fastening screw should be tightened again. (1) Regular attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life. (2) The lubricating grease used in this machine should be determined based on the location of use, temperature, and other conditions. Generally, calcium based or calcium based lubricating grease can be used. (3) The lubricating grease added to the bearing seat is 50-70% of its volume and must be replaced every three months. When replacing with new oil, clean gasoline or kerosene must be used to clean the bearings and dirt in the bearings. (4) The elbow and elbow pad must be lubricated before the machine is started. As a large-scale direct seller of mining industry equipment in the market for over 10 years, Jinqiang Mining has produced and developed jaw crushers directly to users, without intermediaries to earn price differences and with more affordable prices; In addition, the jaw crusher produced by Jinqiang Mining uses better raw materials, and the vulnerable parts are made of high wear-resistant high manganese steel and high chromium cast iron, with guaranteed quality; There are also many one-stop services, including but not limited to free design production lines, one-on-one explanation services, door-to-door delivery, year-round after-sales services, etc., Let customer service rest assured to purchase!

颚式破碎机结构和使用说明(图3) Structure and operating instructions of jaw crusher
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