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Working principle of hammer crusher

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Working principle of hammer crusher

Hammer crushers are equipment that crushes materials in the form of impact, divided into two forms: single rotor and double rotor. Single rotor is divided into reversible and irreversible types. Currently, single rotor hammer crushers and ring hammer crushers are widely used. The working principle of hammer crushers is complex, and new customers may not be familiar with them. The driving effect of the motor of the 锤式破碎机的工作原理(图1) hammer crusher causes the rotor of the crusher to rotate at high speed. After the material enters the crusher, it is immediately crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. The crushed material is then subjected to secondary crushing by high-speed impact of the hammer on the lining plate and grate inside the shell. Materials smaller than the grate gap are discharged from the gap, while larger materials continue to be impacted by the hammer in the crushing chamber until they meet the crushing particle size and are discharged through the grate gap. The hammer crusher operates stably and reliably, with large processing capacity during operation, durable components, high yield, efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and can bring considerable economic benefits to users. When the rotor rotates at high speed, the hammer breaks the material under the action of centrifugal force. The rotating shaft is supported by bearings at both ends, and the bearing seats are installed on both sides of the box and fixed with bolts. The filters are arranged on the filter frame with the rotor shaft as the center, and the filter frame is fixed to the box with bolts. The lower part of the box is equipped with a through shaft with two eccentric wheels. Turning the handles on both sides of the machine to make the eccentric wheel rotate at an angle can lift or lower the filter frame, adjust the gap between the hammer and the filter, and also obtain the necessary product granularity. There is no need to park during adjustment. The 锤式破碎机的工作原理(图2) hammer crusher is mainly used for various brittle 15% materials with compressive strength not exceeding 100 MPa and humidity not exceeding 10% -15%. Because of its simple and compact structure and high impact crushing rate, hammer crushers are widely used in coal mines, Coal preparation plant, power plants, cement, metallurgy, refractory, quarrying and other industrial sectors. It is mainly used in Coal preparation plant to crush clean coal or when the requirements for lump coal content in products are not high. 锤式破碎机的工作原理(图3) 1. As a large-scale mining equipment manufacturer, Jinqiang Mining produces high-quality hammer crushers that undergo layer by layer inspection before leaving the factory to ensure good equipment quality. 2. Jinqiang Mining equipment is relatively cheap, and as a direct seller manufacturer, the factory price is relatively cheap. Moreover, located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, the labor force is abundant and cheap, and the labor cost for production equipment is low, so the equipment price is naturally low. Jinqiang Mining provides customized production lines before sales, on-site installation during sales, training workers, and year-round after-sales support services.

Working principle of hammer crusher
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