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Classification and key points of vibrating screens

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Classification and key points of vibrating screens

At present, circular vibrating screens are widely used in the mining industry, abbreviated as vibrating screens. This article mainly introduces the classification of vibrating screens and provides a detailed explanation of the operating points of the vibrating screen operation process, providing a reference for users. The vibrating screen is mainly used for product grading in industries such as mining, building materials, transportation, energy, and chemical engineering. The equipment grading effect is very good, and the graded finished product meets the construction requirements. So there are many users purchasing in the market. At present, there are many manufacturers of vibrating screens in the market, and there are also many types of vibrating screens produced by different manufacturers. So what are the types of vibrating screens? What are the key points of its operation? Give a brief introduction to this article. The vibrating screen produced by our company is mainly used for screening stone sand. According to whether the vibration frequency is close to or far from the resonance frequency, it can be divided into resonance screens, low-frequency vibration screens, and high-frequency vibration screens. According to the principle of the excitation force generated by the exciter, it can be divided into eccentric vibrating screens (also known as semi vibrating screens), inertial vibrating screens, and electric vibrating screens. At present, eccentric vibrating screens are rarely used, while electromagnetic vibrating screens are mainly used for the classification of powdery and fine-grained materials. Resonant screen has emerged and developed rapidly, but in production practice, it has exposed shortcomings such as complex structure, difficult adjustment, and multiple faults. Inertia vibrating screens are widely used in screening operations and are generally referred to as vibrating screens. At present, based on the characteristics of the motion trajectory of the screen surface, vibration screens are divided into circular motion vibration screens (referred to as circular vibration screens) and linear motion vibration screens (referred to as linear vibration screens). Circular vibrating screens are divided into block eccentric circular vibrating screens and shaft eccentric circular vibrating screens. The Centroid of the belt pulley on the vibrator shaft of the circular vibrating screen changes and remains unchanged in the spatial position. The circular vibrating screen can be divided into the circular vibrating screen with limited center, the circular vibrating screen with indefinite center and the circular vibrating screen with self centering. 1. The vibrating screen operator should read the duty record before work and conduct a general inspection of the equipment. Check the tension of the triangular belt, the oil level in the vibrator, the tension of the screen surface, the fastening of various bolts, and the damage to the screen surface. 2. The start-up of the sieve should follow the sequence of the process system. 3. When the sieve is working, visually and audibly check the operation of the exciter and sieve box. After parking, touch the vicinity of the bearing cover with your hand to check the temperature rise of the bearing. 4. The shutdown of the vibrating screen should comply with the sequence of the process system. Except for special requirements, it is strictly prohibited to continue sieving after parking with materials. When handing over the shift, the technical status of the sieve on duty and any faults found should be recorded in the duty record. The record should indicate the type of damage to the parts and the date of refueling and oil change of the exciter. 6. The vibrating screen is a high-speed moving equipment. When the sieve is running, inspectors should maintain a certain safety distance to prevent personal accidents. There are many manufacturers producing vibrating screens on the market, and the quality and price of vibrating screens produced by different manufacturers are different. If you don't know which manufacturer to choose when buying a vibrating screen, we recommend a cost-effective vibrating screen manufacturer&# 8217& Flash; Jinqiang Mining Equipment. Jinqiang is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, with abundant labor resources and low prices. Therefore, although Jinqiang uses better raw materials and equipment through layer upon layer inspection to meet national standards in the production of vibrating screens, the price is also very cost-effective. Moreover, it also provides a variety of services, including door-to-door delivery, installation teaching, annual after-sales and other one-stop services, which are reliable!

振动筛的分类与要点(图1) Classification and key points of vibrating screens
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