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Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter

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Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter

1、 Overview

This DXJ series 60000 volt high-voltage electric separator | electrostatic separator is used for the highest recovery rate of scheelite, cassiterite, zircon, gold red, gold, and silver, and is rated as one of the important mining and mineral processing machinery in China, with the largest sales volume of similar products.

2、 Working principle

Electric separation is a mineral processing method that utilizes the difference in mineral conductivity to separate in a corona electric field. This machine is a dual drum electric separator, with composite electrodes. The drum and frame are connected to the ground wire. The drum surface maintains an adjustable distance to the right of the high-voltage electrode, which is called the electrode distance. When the negative electricity of the high-voltage power supply is applied to the electrode, a corona electric field and electrostatic field are generated between the electrode and the drum surface. After the selected minerals are brought to the high-voltage electric field by the drum, the corona electrode continuously releases electrons, Therefore, both conductor and non conductor minerals acquire negative charges simultaneously, with the difference being that the electrical properties of the conductor and non conductor are not equal. The conductor ore particles can quickly throw the obtained charges through the centrifugal force and gravity generated by the drum, along the tangent direction of the drum, into the conductor mining hopper; Non conductive mineral particles, on the other hand, cannot immediately transfer the acquired charge and generate mirror suction on the drum surface, which attracts the drum surface and then rotates to the rear. They are brushed down with a brush and fall into the rear non conductive mining bucket; The intermediate ore between conductors and non conductors falls into the intermediate ore hopper, becoming intermediate ore for sorting. It is currently one of the important selection equipment.

3、 Equipment structure

The host consists of seven parts: mining hopper, feeding, drum, electrode, brush, ore discharge, and transmission:

1. The ore hopper is used for ore storage and heating, and is equipped with a permanent red external temperature. The heating system is automatically controlled to ensure that the sorted materials have a uniform temperature.

2. The feeding device consists of a feeding regulator, a feeding plate, and a blocking plate, and the feeding amount is controlled by adjusting the handwheel. When cutting, it is necessary to adjust slowly and ensure that the material evenly falls on the drum. The function of the ore blocking plate is to prevent the material from directly falling into the conductor ore hopper.

3. The diameter of the two drums is 220-320mm (outer diameter) and the length is 1500mm. The drum serves as a grounding positive electrode and is an important component for sorting. The electric heater of the drum drum is fixed on the support shaft to rotate, while it is fixed on the non rotating support shaft, which is different from any electric separator at home and abroad. Therefore, the heating efficiency of the drum drum is high, absolutely safe and reliable, and the drum temperature is automatically controlled.

4. The electrode structure of the electrode selection machine adopts composite electrodes, also known as composite electric fields, which can form two sets of electrode structures suitable for sorting coarse and fine electrodes. The corona electrode adopts nickel chromium resistance wire with X=0.32mm strength. Fix it on the bracket with screws, and the electrostatic pole is also fixed on the bracket with screws. The distance between the corona pole and the corona pole, as well as the distance between the electrostatic pole and the corona pole, can be adjusted. The electrostatic pole is made of stainless steel tube, with an X=30-35mm angle a and an adjustable diagonal angle a between the electrostatic pole and the center line of the drum. The distance between the electrode and the drum can be adjusted, as there are differences in selecting different mining distances, angles, and voltages.

5. Due to the mirror surface being sucked onto the drum surface, non-conductive minerals with a brush must be brushed into the non-conductive ore hopper, so a threaded brush is installed behind the drum. The outer diameter of the brush X=140mm, which is 1.25 times the rotational speed. (Nowadays, new materials such as wool felt are used as mineral brushes)

6. The ore discharge equipment and ore discharge are self flowing, with conductive ore discharged from the front of the machine and tailings (non conductive ore) discharged from the rear. The partition board is a regulating device for regulating the grade and yield of conductors and non-conductors, both made of insulated plastic sheets to prevent induced electrification.

The speed of the 7 transmission electric separator and drum is closely related to the separation of various minerals, requiring smooth rotation and stepless speed regulation. This machine is powered by an AC variable speed motor with a power range of 1.1-4kw.

4、 Electrical part

1. The high-voltage DC power supply adopts 220V single-phase AC power input, boosting, rectification, and positive electrode grounding, while negative electricity is output from the high-voltage cable to the electrode of the high-voltage electric separator. The entire working process is recognized by the overcurrent self protection circuit. The high-voltage transformer and silicon pile are all installed in the oil tank of the transformer, and the operation box and control console are combined as a whole. The quality and output of mineral processing are closely related to the quality of the DC power supply.

2. The drum speed regulation part is completely used to adjust the drum speed. It is installed in the electrical operation console and can be adjusted by adjusting the voltage to adjust the drum speed. Generally, the drum speed is controlled between 40-140 rpm, which depends on the processing granularity and operation. Generally, coarse particles use a lower speed, while fine particles use a higher speed.

5、 Operating procedures

1. Before sorting, the entire ore hopper should be filled with ore sand and heated to 150-250 ℃ (about half an hour). It can take less than half an hour in summer and more than half an hour in winter. Under normal circumstances, the mineral passes from the bottom through the sorting room to the ore discharge hopper, and the hand feels warm and suitable.

2. Before sorting, the drum temperature should be raised to 50-60 ℃. After formal sorting, as the material has been pre heated to a certain temperature, the heating power inside the drum can be cut off after half an hour. At this time, the temperature is transmitted to the drum through the hot material to meet the requirements.

3. When starting the high-voltage power supply, it should first gradually rise from zero to the required high voltage, and cannot be immediately adjusted to high voltage to prevent damage to the silicon stack.

4. When officially selecting minerals, it is not allowed to open the sorting room door and avoid touching high voltage. When stopping or adjusting maintenance, the equipped high voltage discharge rod must be in contact with the high voltage electrode for 2-3 seconds, and residual electricity on the electrode must be discharged before operation.

Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter(图1)Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter(图2)Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter(图3)Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter(图4) Introduction to the DXJ Series 60000 Volt High Voltage Electric Sorter | Electrostatic Sorter
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