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How can we manage mining equipment well?

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How can we manage mining equipment well?

The core content of management and maintenance of mining machinery and equipment is safety. How can we manage mining equipment well? What are the effective measures for mining equipment management? I believe the introduction of Jinqiang Mining experts can answer your question. Establish a sound management system; Standardize the management behavior of mining machinery and equipment, formulate scientific and comprehensive management systems, fully leverage the role of the system, and have rules to follow and strictly implement when managing mining machinery and equipment. Improve the safety performance of mining machinery and equipment; 2. Ensure investment in equipment funds and increase efforts in technical transformation and updating of mining machinery and equipment. With the development of modern social science and technology, many high-tech technologies such as frequency conversion technology, automatic control technology, and remote control technology are continuously applied to production in various industries. These emerging new equipment have good safety performance and high working performance, not only providing technical reference and guarantee for the technical transformation of mining equipment, but also greatly helping the economic and safety benefits of enterprises. 3. Timely handle hidden dangers. In daily work, the inspection of mining machinery and equipment must not be relaxed. It is necessary to carefully inspect in order to timely discover and control safety hazards and avoid accidents. If hidden dangers are not dealt with in a timely manner, it is highly likely that they will lead to painful accidents next time. Therefore, every stage and employee of the enterprise should have a strong awareness of safety hazards. Strengthen the maintenance and management of mining machinery and equipment. The maintenance and management of mining equipment is different from equipment maintenance in other industries, and the maintenance operation of mining equipment is much more complex. Moreover, due to limitations in operating conditions, the structural design of electromechanical equipment is often unreasonable, making it difficult to ensure maintenance quality or impossible to maintain at all. Therefore, for mining machinery and equipment, our employees in mining enterprises should enhance their safety awareness and sense of ownership, adopt a series of measures such as designing maintenance channels, preventing parts from deforming and falling off, and improving equipment structures to improve the safety of mining machinery and equipment maintenance operations and ensure the safe operation of the equipment. 5. Establish corresponding incentive mechanisms; Both the management and frontline grassroots have established corresponding economic soft constraint incentive mechanisms. The aspects involved in the incentive mechanism can include the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of equipment, as well as the mastery of the performance and quality of new equipment, so that each employee gradually forms a safety management awareness of mining machinery and equipment under the constraints of the incentive mechanism. 怎样才能做好矿山设备的管理?(图1)6. Investment in human resources. In modern enterprises, human resources are an important Renewable resource. For mining enterprises, the overall quality of employees is generally low, which is a problem that cannot be ignored. Therefore, enterprise leaders should strengthen their knowledge of safety management for frontline employees, continuously improve the overall quality of the enterprise, and enhance employees' sense of responsibility and safety awareness. Jinqiang Mining believes that a multi-pronged approach can effectively manage mining equipment and ensure the long-term development of the enterprise. Choose more devices and feel free to consult and communicate at any time.

怎样才能做好矿山设备的管理?(图2) How can we manage mining equipment well?
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