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How to process pebbles into sand

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How to process pebbles into sand

Pebbles are stones formed through thousands of years of Diastrophism and mountain torrent impact. Named after its shape, it has the characteristics of being non-toxic, odorless, non discoloring, compressive, corrosion-resistant, and of hard quality. It is one of the natural mechanism sand raw materials. After processing, it can be processed into stones and sand, widely used in public buildings, villas, highways, water conservancy, bridges and other construction fields. 如何将鹅卵石加工成沙子(图1) Cobbles are widely distributed and abundant in resources. Famous producing areas include Shandong, Liaoning, Guizhou, Chongqing, Guangxi, and other places. China's cobblestone resources are well preserved, with rich and diverse varieties, and high mining and processing value. So how to process pebbles into sand, and what equipment is used to process pebbles into sand? This article introduces and explains. How can pebbles be processed into sand? Can pebbles also be used to make sand? Can sand processed from pebbles be used? Of course, there are many sands that are made manually nowadays. Usually, it will go through stages such as coarse crushing of pebbles, medium and fine crushing, sand making, sand washing, and drying. The specific process flow is as follows: 如何将鹅卵石加工成沙子(图2)1. Coarse crushing: Firstly, larger pebbles are uniformly and quantitatively fed into the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing treatment by a vibrating feeder, and are screened by a circular vibrating screen to obtain particle sizes of around 50-100mm. Unqualified larger particle stones are returned to the jaw crusher for re crushing; 2. Medium to fine crushing: Next, the screened qualified stones will be driven by a belt conveyor and further crushed by an impact crusher. Similarly, the vibrating screen will screen out materials of around 30 millimeters, and unqualified materials will continue to be crushed; 3. Sand making: Then, select suitable particle size pebbles and feed them into the sand making machine for high-energy fine crushing and shaping, and obtain different specifications of pebbles such as 0-5, 5-10, 10-20 millimeters as needed to meet industrial requirements; 4. Sand washing: Then, the goose egg sand after sand making enters the sand washing machine again for impurity removal, cleaning, and drying to obtain the finished machine sand. What equipment is used to process pebbles into sand? Many friends who want to invest in the cobblestone processing market also have similar questions. Their processing equipment usually includes jaw crushers, impact crushers, sand making machines, sand flushing machines, vibrating feeders, circular vibrating screens, belt conveyors, etc. 如何将鹅卵石加工成沙子(图3)如何将鹅卵石加工成沙子(图4)如何将鹅卵石加工成沙子(图5)

How to process pebbles into sand
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