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Double drum electric separator | Working principle of high-voltage electric separator equipment

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Double drum electric separator | Working principle of high-voltage electric separator equipment

The double drum electric separator is a widely used electric separator in China, and it has fully played a significant role in the production and manufacturing of electric separators. This type of electric separator is mainly used for the separation of scheelite and cassiterite, as well as the separation of non-ferrous metals. The actual effect and selection index value of the double drum electric separator are relatively good.

The construction key of the double drum electric separator consists of three parts: a server, a high-voltage electrostatic generator, and a heating system. The server is partially composed of two rollers (with a diameter of 120Mm and a length of 1500Mm), corona electrodes, electrostatic electrodes (with a bias electrode), brushes, and ore separation boards. The 双滚筒电选机(图1) double drum electric separator uses a composite electrostatic field with corona electrodes and a compact combination of electrodes. When the high-voltage DC negative electric charge (0~22kV) is added to the electrode of the corona electrode warehouse, and the working voltage reaches a certain mark value, corona electrostatic field is generated between the corona electrode and the roller (positive stage of the grounding device). Because the diameter of the corona electrode is small (0.3~0.5mm), many electronic devices are released towards the roller. This electronic device hydrolyzes the gas molecular structure to generate corona current, and Covalent bond runs towards the negative stage, Electronic devices and vapor air negative ions rush towards the roller. Therefore, the indoor space adjacent to the roller is negatively charged. And there is no charge or discharge between the static electrode and the roller. Only cause high voltage electric fields. When the beneficiated particles fall into the surface of the roller after being dried and heated, and enter the corona electrostatic field along with the rotation of the roller, the amount of corona current causes both the electric conductor and the conductive medium mineral particles to charge the battery (concentration polarization) and obtain negative charge. Due to the small size of the page resistor, one side of the battery is charged and the other side is charged and discharged, while the conductive medium page resistor is large and the charging and discharging rate is relatively slow. Therefore, when the ore particles leave the corona electrostatic field and enter the electric field with the rotation of the roller, the positive charge (remaining positive charge) required by the electric conductor ore particles is less than that carried by the conductive medium ore particles. 双滚筒电选机(图2)

Double drum electric separator | Working principle of high-voltage electric separator equipment
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