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What crushing equipment and supporting equipment are needed to establish a sand and gravel factory

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What crushing equipment and supporting equipment are needed to establish a sand and gravel factory

The demand for sand and gravel aggregate is increasing gradually. The Scarcity of natural sand has promoted the upsurge of artificial sand production. The profit of sand and gravel crushing is very considerable, which has stimulated the continuous rise of more and more sand and gravel plants. What crushing equipment and supporting equipment are needed to establish a sand and gravel factory?

The steps of a stone production line are generally as follows:

If sand is to be produced, the stone material screened from the vibrating screen meets the particle requirements and enters the sand making machine for sanding. Then, the fine material is screened using the vibrating screen, and the screened sand is sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning. After the sand making work is completed, as it is a multi-layer vibrating screen, stones are also screened out, and the stones are directly sent to the material pile. Due to site requirements, the user is equipped with a mobile sand making and sand flushing production line, and the required equipment is as follows:

1. Vibration feeder.

The function of the vibrating feeder is to enable the material to be fed uniformly and continuously to the coarse crushing equipment, and to perform coarse screening of the material. The characteristics of a vibrating feeder are simple structure, uniform feeding, good continuity, convenient operation, and the ability to freely change and control the flow rate, with relatively low noise.


2. Coarse crushing equipment.

(2.1) Jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher is a suitable choice for rough crushing equipment, and is also a crusher with stable and reliable operation, simple and reasonable structure, and wide application. And the jaw crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform product particles, low cost, and convenient operation. The jaw crusher has a deep crushing chamber, no dead zone, improved feeding capacity, high production efficiency and yield.


(2.2) Cone crusher.

The cone crusher adopts a special hydraulic safety device. When oversized or hard materials enter the crushing chamber, the cone crusher can automatically adjust the discharge port to eliminate foreign objects. This design not only reduces damage to the components in the crushing chamber, but also ensures the normal operation of the entire cone crusher. And the overall setting of the cone crusher is also relatively closed, reducing dust and noise pollution.


3. Fine break equipment.

(3.1) Impact crusher.

Impact crusher is a mature fine crushing equipment, whose finished particles can not only be adjusted according to different customer requirements, but also have cubic shape, good shape, and uniform particles. The impact crusher has a small volume, light weight, and is easy for enterprises to adjust equipment, thus achieving a reasonable crushing method. The impact crusher has full crushing functions, high production efficiency, and relatively small component wear, making it a promising high-energy crusher.


(3.2) Double stage crusher.

The two-stage crusher has dual rotors and dual crushing chambers, making the material crushing of designers more complete and detailed. The double stage crusher does not have a design at the bottom of the screen, and does not have high requirements for the humidity and viscosity of the material, nor does it have the problem of material blocking the screen plate. Its high throughput results in higher efficiency and output of the crusher.

4. Belt conveyor.

The belt conveyor plays a role in conveying materials, with low requirements for the working environment, simple structure, convenient installation and operation, uniform feeding, and can adapt to various adverse weather and climate conditions.

5. Vibration screen.

The vibrating screen distinguishes materials through vibration. Materials that meet the requirements enter the next process, while those that do not meet the requirements are crushed again by the fine crusher.


6. Sand making machine.

The sand making machine is mainly used for crushing and screening small stones, and making sand according to production requirements, meeting the standards for building sand. The discharge range is 1-5mm, and the sand particle size can be adjusted as needed.


7. Sand washing machine.

A sand washing machine is a type of sand washing equipment. Under the action of water flow, impurities on the surface of sand and gravel can be removed, resulting in higher product quality. The sand washing machine has a large processing capacity, a long service life, and generally does not require much maintenance. It is long and durable, and has a high degree of washing.


8. Then dry the cleaned sand and gravel, and then package it.

The above is the content of what crushing equipment and supporting equipment are required to establish a sand and gravel factory. For detailed configurations, please contact Jinqiang. A technical manager will provide you with a customized plan. Welcome to inquire.

What crushing equipment and supporting equipment are needed to establish a sand and gravel factory
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